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Gameday: January 7, 2012 at Arkansas State

This is one of those games that can shape some expectations. Tony Mitchell has been getting a lot of love (and rightly so) for his 34-point, 16-rebound effort against South Alabama last time out. Some major media college basketball guys have their eye on him, and thus the program.

It is an opportunity. They say that Luck is when Hard Work meets Opportunity. Well we’ve been putting in work. By we I mean Johnny Jones. He’s been shaping this program for eleven years and the fruits of his labor are sweet. North Texas basketball has won conference championships and been to the Big Show twice under his watch. It has produced one NBA Development League player in Tristan Thompson and attracted two guys — Chris Jones and Jordan Williams — that could do the same.

Of course there is also Tony Mitchell. No other UNT player has had so many scouts visit the Super Pit. No other player has come in as highly touted or as talented. Sure, he originally committed to Missouri, and we get a lot of players that are returning to the Metroplex after circumstances forced them to leave their first choice programs.

Johnny Jones takes what he can get. This is an opportunity to make this a destination. Every program needs a guy that opens the door and makes the team a cool place to go to. TJ Ford opened it up at Texas. Tony Mitchell may be the guy that opens it up here in Denton.

It may be a bit of a stretch to call it a gigantic opportunity. I mean, it isn’t even on TV. Two 30-point games would turn the hype meter up pretty high and maybe bring some fans to the Western Kentucky game on the 12th.

Where I’ll be:

At my uncle’s watching NFL football and shelling out the $9 dollars to watch it via

Where you’ll be:

Likely doing the same. You might have fun hanging out at or on the twitter machine with me — i’ll be tweeting out goodness like always.

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