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Frisco Time: Day 2

FRISCO, TX — We went to the first day of the tournament, and had a good time. There was an issue with the tickets, but they sorted it out quickly. We bought the week-long pass through the school’s ticket office. It just didn’t scan the right way. Weird. If you live and work around Frisco the growth in the last four years is probably not noticeable. For me, who comes up to Frisco just the once or twice a year (and zero times in the last two) it is a little shocking. My first year covering the tournament, there were larger swaths of To-Be-Constructed areas. Those are hotels or apartments now. It all feels more complete.

The event staff also feels more settled. The first year, there were more signs, and the media covering the event was a little more interested in the dual-court set up. Now? Everyone just knows what is supposed to happen and how to move back and forth. The first year the league had the scoreboards on the side of the court. This year they are nicely placed on each end, hanging from the rafters.

I sat I the media section 1 and WKU head coach Rick Stansbury sat next to me, with his assistant. They were scouting/watching the Marshall/FIU game. At half, I asked him if he really gets anything from doing this little scouting that he doesn’t get on film. “It beats sitting in the hotel.”

Watching college basketball live in person is the best value in sports. There is high-quality basketball out there, and you might be looking at an NBA player. Certainly, you will at least see one or two pro guys, even if it is overseas. There are really no bad seats in the place.

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