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Jalen Guyton Record Watch 2017

Jalen Guyton was added to the Biletnikoff watch list this week. That means it is time for us to being a JG Stat Watch. We’ve already taken a look at Jeff Wilson’s and Mason Fine‘s record watch.

JG is at 32 receptions, 626 yards, 7 TDs in six games. He had a bit of a start-stop beginning but has exploded against USM and UTSA, two teams that boast solid secondaries. In the last two weeks he is at 22 catches, 393 yards, 3 TDs.

Before we begin, just know that Casey Fitzgerald is going to be coming up often on these lists. He had such an underrated time here because the teams were awful.

Single game Receiving Leaders

Player Opp & Year Total
1. Casey Fitzgerald SMU 2007 327
2. Casey Fitzgerald ULL 2008 231
2. Scott Ford ACU 1992 231
4. Barry Moore UTEP 1968 228
5. Marcus Camper Texas 1988 224
6. John Love Chattanooga 1966 220
7. Barry Moore ULL 1969 217
8. Carlos Harris USM 2014 216
9. Jalen Guyton USM 2017 211

I was at that game in 2007 and it was incredible. I turned to my girlfriend at some point and said “He has to have some kind of record, he’s caught everything.” Also of note: ULL and USM both on this list twice.

Also of note is that Jalen Guyton has two 150+ receiving games, joining NT greats such as Johnny Quinn, Casey Fitzgerald, and Carlos Harris with multiple 150+ games in their careers. They had one maximum per season while JG has done it in back-to-back games.

Jalen is on pace for about 1252 yards which would put him in exclusive company here at NT.

Single Season Receiving Leaders

Player Year Total
1. Casey Fitzgerald 2007 1322
2. Barry Moore 1969 1130
2. Jon Love 1969 1130
4. Casey Fitzgerald 2008 1119
5. Barry Moore 1968 1053
6. David Brown 1968 1013

How about 1968? Two 1K receivers? Crazy.

Jalen Guyton is on pace for only 67 receptions which would just barely touch the top ten (Casey Fitzgerald has 113, 111 for first and second place by the way.)

Single Season TD Leaders

Player Year Total
1. Ron Shanklin 1967 13
2. Casey Fitzgerald 2007 12
3. Three tied 11

Right now JG is projected to end up at about 14 TDs based on this season’s production. If he manages another 100-yard game he’ll tie Ron Shanklin (and others’) consecutive 100-yard game record with three.

Also, it’s early but JG is on pace to set the record for yards per reception

Career YPR

Player Year Total
1. Jalen Guyton 2017- 19.56
2. Broderick McGrew 1996-99 18.6

As with all of these types of posts, we have to remember these are based on current stats, and that anything can and will change. As Guyton is targeted by defenses more, his production will change as defenses adjust to his speed by putting different coverages.

The offense and Mason Fine have been good about finding ways to take advantage of the coverage changes by mixing up routes and motions. Harrell will need to continue with this kind of creativity going forward.

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