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Wren Baker: My Bad Y’all

A subplot to the beat down North Texas Football took this weekend was that the game day experience was poor. Complaints ranged from long wait times trying to park in the “good” parking lot, to the concession guy’s hat wear. There was also something about grass. The first home game is always well-attended, often more than the Homecoming one. (I know I try to make the first home game of the season no matter where MGN HQ is located). The best foot must be forward and it apparently was not. Service is tough post-pandemic, as the supply of ready and willing labor is short. I mean, I swear to you it is hard to get a Big Mac in under 30 minutes in the surrounding MGN HQ area. No joke.

Well, in your distress you called upon the INTERNET, and cried unto your FOLLOWERS: Wren heard your voice out of his office, and your cry came before him, even into his ears.

Wren Baker published a letter to season ticket holders, apologizing for the problems and laid out a plan to address each one directly. Behold the plan:

  • Additional parking attendants will be distributed across all working gameday lots.
  • Electronic message boards will be placed at North Texas Blvd and I-35 as well as Bonnie Brae and I-35 to assist with wayfinding for fans to get to their appropriate lots.
  • The Blue Lot will move to a pre-purchase/pass only lot for games featuring premium opponents with no passes sold the day of the game.
  • Attendants will be added to restrooms in the HUB Club and Suite levels at Apogee to monitor paper towels, soap and cleaning needs.
  • Wristbands will be provided to all HUB Club ticketholders upon arrival to the First State Bank Club and Suite Entrance to allow for increased freedom of movement for HUB Club guests between the club level and concourse throughout the game. Note: Wristbands DO NOT grant access to guests in the Suite Level. CSC staff will be added to assist with this function and ensure wait times are minimized for entry into Apogee Stadium.
  • Grounds crews will mow all high-traffic areas no more than 48 hours prior to kick off (weather permitting) to maximize use of tailgating spaces.
  • Additional parking passes will be required in the Blue Lot for both vehicles and tailgate setups. This will be strictly enforced to ensure we have an accurate count of available spaces in the lot.
  • Updates will be made to the Northeast auxiliary video board to ensure an assortment of in-game statistics are available.
  • Feedback has been provided to the team shop, and as inventory becomes available, they will increase both variety of products offered as well as higher quantities in all sizes.

Some season ticket holders did NOT get this email, and were wondering why. Well, it is likely because you have “subscribe to email” turned off. This was the case in at least one person’s situation. MGN On Your Side investigated, in self-aggrandizing fashion, and it was resolved. Mystery solved, the world at peace, etc.

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