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Worst Case Scenario

Sad Panda

Sometimes you think your clever phrasing is unique. Most times it isn’t. Well, that may be just in my case.

Regardless, I wrote these sentences before perusing the internets for more information:

It’s not just that they lost up there in Denver. That really is understandable. It is that we lost to ULL, MTSU, and Troy also.

Then, after reading Vito’s blog, I came across this:

UNT lost again on Saturday. Falling at Denver isn’t bad by itself. It’s a tough place to win. But UNT also lost at Middle Tennessee and at Troy and at Louisiana-Lafayette.

So what is up with this team? What do we do with these losses? You know? If Josh hadn’t hit that shot in the SBC championship game last spring, I wonder if we would be giving Johnny Jones’ squad the benefit of a patient critic.

The Road has our number.

The Road is our enemy.

Do the Sunbelt Tourney games count as The Road?

Thursday the basketball team faces competition once more. This time in the nurturing confines of the Super Pit.

Well, it is questionable how nurturing it will be. Fortunately, our apathetic fan base may well be a benefit in this case.

How many wins did it take to convince these people to show up? So how many road losses will it take before they learn our record?

Road woes are better than Home woes. They are more understandable and more justifiable.

Also, they are unwatchable. Mostly. Not that our losses are terrible. They haven’t been. They have literally been unwatchable. No access to ESPN primetime is a good thing in this case.

Still, count me among the panicky.

There is not enough goodwill stored in the reserves of the college basketball observer to forgive another loss.

Yeah I said it.

We cannot lose again without people writing off this team.

Five conference wins. Four conference losses.



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