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WKU 2.7.13

Guys, there simply isn’t much to say about that. When you can barely scrape together a team to put on the floor because of injuries, it is hard to criticize when the team starts getting behind because of fatigue or foul trouble.

This season is lost, a disappointment of epic proportions and a terrible way to start your career as a head coach. It is something similar to the terribleness that was the Southern Miss year in football. Going from the damn near highest to the very lowest.

Everyone on this team looks likely to come out worse for it. Never mind the career-ending injuries to Jacob Holman and Justin Patton, Tony Mitchell’s stock has dropped, Chris Jones is even more of a forgotten man, Roger Franklin won’t be mentioned with the greats post men in UNT history largely because no one is in the stands to remember him.

The only exception has been Jordan Williams. He has been scoring like we thought Tony Mitchell would. He is a bit streaky from three, but he makes up for it with the (newly-found) ability to attack the paint without turning it over. Credit Tony Benford for that, who — as was noted on the broadcast — worked with him to correct a high dribble.

He has been fun to watch. Here’s hoping there won’t be some kind of transfer-fest this offseason (as has been rumored) and we get CJ and JW out there showing signs of their freshman years.


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