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Whoopin: North Texas 77 Nicholls 3

Underdog Dynasty writer Adam Rosenfield texted me during the game and asked: “What does this game prove?” Here’s what it proves: That this team is better than what they showed against Louisiana Tech, and yet still has room for improvement.

I don’t know for sure if having Dajon Williams at quarterback would have meant wins against Texas and LaTech. I do know that the offense would have been more potent in those games, even just marginally. His ridiculous talent was on display today, as was his relative rustiness. He flung the 41-yard touchdown to Carlos Harris as easily as Mike Vick and his legendary arm does. He also tossed the ball a bit high on some easy bubble passes.

I think those bad passes will get cleaned up with more practice time. We knew he could run, and that he had a powerful arm. He displayed those things in his limited action against a BAD Nicholls team. Should we dismiss the win out-of-hand as uninformative? No. The mark of a good team is beating up on the bad ones. SMU and Nicholls are very bad teams and the Mean Green looked really good against both. This game proved we have a good team out here. How good? Well we will learn that when Dan McCarney’s squad takes on better teams.

With Dajon at the helm, I think this team will be light-years better than they were against the Bull Dogs nine days ago.

Read my UnderDog Dynatsy recap. It is my attempt at AP style.

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  1. Adam Adam September 20, 2014

    i applaud your attempt at ap style

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