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Who will replace Riley Dodge?

So who do we have to replace Riles? Here, in no particular order, are the guys that are on/will be on the roster:

13 Chaise Baine 6 ft 210lbs Junior

Played okay for a guy who was really thrown in there in an emergency situation. Without the benefit of a full spring camp to work on his quarterback skills, it is difficult to judge the guy. He spent most of his games running for his life. He showed that he wasn’t completely worthless but didn’t inspire much hope for his –or our– future.

10 John Dodson 6ft 195 Sophomore

Um. I got nothing.

16 Derrick Teegarden 6ft 177lb Sophomore

More nothing.

7 Derek Thompson 6′ 4” 225lb Sophomore

Famously led a 68-yard scoring drive to end what was going to be his redshirt freshman year. Started out the spring in competition with Nate Tune for the starting spot and was quarterback casualty number two this season. All things being the same, he should be the favorite for the starting spot if the new guys don’t impress.

JUCO 3-Star Prospect Brent Osborn 6′ 4” 210 Sophomore


Apparently this guy is fairly good. Kind of hard to look at highlights of a CC and proclaim greatness off of that. He threw for 2000+ yards, 18TDs and 12INTs. Not great numbers but it was his first year and Vito thinks he’ll compete for the starting job, as does Osborn.


Right now, Derek Thompson is the favorite. He has game experience and nearly beat out Nathan Tune for the starting spot back in the spring. It will be interesting to find out what exactly happened with Riley Dodge that led him to transfer, however. When we do, we can gain some insight into the thought process of the coaching staff. Again, my money is still on Canales/McCarney telling him that he wasn’t in the quarterback running, or more interestingly: that he would have to compete for the job again.

The good news is that these guys have plenty of time to separate themselves and claim the job.

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[Youtube-Osborn Highlights]

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