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Where To Watch North Texas v Texas and Who To Watch With

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The great thing about playing Texas and living in Texas is that it will be difficult to find a place that isn’t showing the game.

TV: Longhorn Network. Follow that link to find out if it is available in your town. Check your local listings to see what channel that is on your provider. That generally means clicking the “Guide” button on your remote and searching for “longhorn network.” Do it. You are in college, or went there.

Here is a handy list for you lazies.

AT&T: 1609 HD 609 SD
DISH: 407
TWC: Dallas: 910/911, San Antonio: 395/396
FiOS: 579 HD 79 SD, Outside Texas: 320 SD
Grande: 829 HD 29 SD
Charter: Fort Worth 700 HD 301 SD

Internets: WatchESPN. You’ll need your TV log-in information. So find that now.

Radio in Dallas: KHYI 95.3 KNTU 88.1 KGAF 1580 and also the various live streams those stations carry.
Radio Elsewhere: Ah, the vast Longhorn Radio Network is every-damn-where. Check for a station near you here.

The good news is that no matter which side’s radio play-by-play you choose, you’ll be listening to a UNT alumnus in your ears.

Where to Watch

  1. Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium
  2. Austin-area bar, such as UNT Alumni-owned Silo on Seventh.
  3. Denton
  4. DFW area.

If you cannot get tickets to the game, I feel for ya. If you are in the Austin area on Friday night, be sure to stop by Silo on Seventh.

Here is the link to the invite.

Note that it goes until 8:30pm. I plan to be around until later than that. Stop by and say hello.

There will be tailgating before the game. It is held by the Mean Green Club. It costs $10 for MGC members and $15 for all others. It is at 4:30pm and goes until 6:30pm.

See map below. See link for more information.

Map of the MGC tailgate
Map of the MGC tailgate

If you will be in the Denton/Dallas/FW area this weekend. Go to the College Gameday show.

Denton areas:

East Side Social Club, Oak Street Draft House, Mulberry Street Cantina, Pretty much anywhere there’s a TV.

DFW areas:

If for some reason you decide to live in Corporate City Plano, there is a watching party planned at Vickery Park Bar. GMG member has a room reserved, and the sound will be on throughout. Seems like a good place.


Someone is gathering a watch party in Tempe, AZ. The good lord bless him.

Twitter / chatrooms / live blogs / the works

As always, Yours Truly will be following the game. Both @meangreennation and @mgn_breakdown will likely be doing some tweeting from inside DKR. The only problem is that means we are at the mercy of local reception.

Aside from the usual university-owned accounts like @meangreensports and @meangreenfb there will be some good tweets to follow. I’ve been tagging things #beattexsa because that is great.

As both of the MGNers will be in-stadium, live-blogging will not be happening this week. Check out Bret Vito’s mean green blog for that.

Of course there is the chat room and rampant thread overlap that will happen at Go Mean Green board.

You should be able to get all your game day information between all of those.

Almost forgot the forgotten board at Mean And Green Forums.. It is mostly made up of GMG cast-offs and deserters. I’ve been known to visit occasionally.

If you are so inclined to desert GMG yourself, there is always the MGN board. .

Reading Materials Before & Podcast

You have an afternoon and a whole day to kill. Why not read Greg’s breakdown?

Read How North Texas will beat Texas.

Read more on Underdog Dynasty about North Texas. .

Listen to the podcast, where we discussed the two-deep, and previewed the game.

Go Mean Green.

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