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What? North Texas Has A Former Four-Star Transfer QB? Okay, Let’s Talk About It

A thing that happens when I am absolutely swamped with work deadlines is that I miss twitter updates. Like today, I missed that former four-star prospect Jace Ruder, formerly of UNC, has transferred to North Texas with (apparently) four years of eligibility left. He backed up Sam Howell at North Carolina and given they are the same class and Howell is a baller, it does not look good for anyone else on the depth chart any time soon.

It makes sense then, that Ruder wanted to move on. That he chose NT is a testament to the offense NT has built here. Outgoing QB Jason Bean and current QB Austin Aune combined to lead the conference in a ton of passing stats. Ruder is at the very least another competitor for the gig and that makes everyone better.

I had no clue this was happening until I got a text about “the transfers.” I responded “yeah I wrote something about the transfers a couple of weeks go”.

“No, the QB”

*Adam Checks Twitter*


I still have a gigantic amount of work to do and I did not get rich off meme stocks his week so it is back to grinding away for my paper. I won’t break down his throwing motion or anything silly like that. Suffice it to say that he has talent, and adding talent to the roster is well, not a bad thing.

We will not make any grand predictions about starters here, but it sure looks like Ruder is going to be the guy. Austin Aune made an impression and has a while year head start on things so do not count him out just yet. If the Bennett hire and the Ruder transfer work out, NT just might be in line to do good things next season that result in trophies. A near-perfect offense would still struggle to win with the defense of 2020, so I am on the lookout for big-time defensive transfers before anything else.

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