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What is an Odd Front?

This topic deserves a longer missive than just linking to other things on the internet, but Shakin in the Southland was such a good blog under the reign of DrB (he moved on to other things) that I’d be doing you a disservice in attempting to explain this myself.

As we get some pictures of our guys doing their thing under the new defensive coordinator we will do some explainers and things but for now go read this excellent piece from 2011.

Now to show some differences and similarities in fronts. Remember the whole point is to control every gap in the front, and there are only so many ways to line up 7 guys. There are two broad groups of fronts, EVEN and ODD.

  • Even = Center is not covered by any DLineman. Usually this means that both the Guards are covered.
  • Odd = Center has someone over his head-to-shoulder. A shaded NG qualifies.

Thats it. When coaches talk about odd fronts, thats what they mean. They are not talking about odd being 3 or 5 men on the LOS. Even does not mean a 4 or 6 man line either.

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