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Watching The Tournament Hurts

I love basketball. It’s an underrated game1. It hurts to watch the college game’s big show go on without North Texas being a part of it. In these times of hurt I like to think back to the good times, back when Josh White was dribbling through the trees, and Tristan Thompson was getting to the free throw line at will.

It is easy to get so cynical and so results-focused that it becomes difficult to enjoy the good times. Yes, this is a stupid Stop & Smell The Roses post.

Sure, it looks like UNT basketball is a long way away from being in the Big Dance, but that’s the beauty of this game: it all can change next year, in the way that football can never do.

Danny Mac can go undefeated and win each game by 55 points and that will not guarantee a national championship. Tony Benford can go on a hot streak starting in the Conference tournament and win glory.

I understand the fascination with football (I mean, I devote tons of time to it) but it seems like Basketball would return more on the investment given the right, well, investment. Here’s hoping.

Let’s watch the good times.

Josh White #10 White from Sevag Keucheyan on Vimeo.

  1. Football is by far the most popular American sport. 

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