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#UTSAHateWeek 2015

Hey ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the most fun of all weeks. Whereas you may consider SMU the rival of note, I still remember the feeling I had walking out of Apogee and hearing the not-quite-UCLA-but-way-to-steal “UTSA” chant. It was awful. Also, we have two names and can have two rivals. We are the Mean Green and also the Eagles and also we have an Albino Squirrel. Austin ain’t weird if you’ve been to Denton. It’s just where Californians go when they get priced out of SF.

I posted this in the message board of record, but here it is on my little ol’ site.

While watching the Marshall game this weekend, in a break between Hallo’een movie-time, I remembered that we play UTSA this week.

We’ve never had a rival that is anything like the one I imagined I’d have when I was a kid. When I agreed to be a Mean Green Fightin’ Eagle upon entering college, I was slightly disappointed to learn that EA’s series listed our ‘rival’ as (at various times) Arky St, NMState, MTSU. The latest iterations include SMU on that list. Iffy rivals at best. Arky state fans are the most fun on twitter as they get riled up and don’t have real fun comebacks there.

Anyway, they always say “throw the records out, all that matters is if you beat your rival” when talking about other schools so I figure we should play along. I leaned over and asked The Woman for reasons to hate 1 UTSA

In no particular order:

  • They gloated in our stadium

  • They are newer and think they are better; and maybe are better, which makes it worse.

  • They don’t play on campus. Gross. Be a real college OMG.

  • They have bandwagon fans while we have die-hard ones. Just look at this, we are bloggin’ and ‘boardin’ about our 0-7 team. We are in it for the long-haul.

  • They are UT’s little brother. System school! System school! Get your own colors bruh.

  • Their mascot can’t fly. And they also only have one. Pssh what is this 1969?

  • I’ll add to this list the fact that our worst fans may be raycess, crass, boorish, annoying, and generally awful but gottdammit we are are funny. Funny goes a long way. Their worst twitter people are funny if you are a Rome Clone, twitter joke biter, Mr. Me-too, 7th grader. So not funny at all. 2

Of note: They did troll the hell out of us with a Mangino-to-UNT tweet. So there’s that. Good job @dfwSportsWire. I honestly didn’t think they had it in them.

(Really, it probably was a Tech-a-Techer that helped them along because I haven’t met a funny #BirdGang twitter, man.)

Also good job stealing the Cardinals’ hashtag! #BirdGang #DarnellDocketDidItFirst

  1. sports hate, of course. 
  2. As evidenced by the twitter reaction to this. Lol! Tsk. 

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