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Updates To Site

I found some time to make some improvements to the site here and there. Not least of which was re-vamping the “forum.” I’ve jokingly posted a version of a message board a few times. I took them down after they got spammed to death. Recently, I integrated Buddy Press to allow some conversation beyond comments, emails, and twitter (all of which are surprisingly lively). That didn’t go anywhere.

Still, I think any site that calls it self “—-Nation” should have some kind of community gathering-place set up — however unused. So I revived the message board. for that reason.

I also did it as part of a greater revamp that will take place since Greg Goedecker joined forces. There will be more changes and hopefully cooler stuff as we obsessively follow UNT sports.

Let it be known that if you want active community talk then you will need to head over to Go Mean Green That is the all-consuming, brightest, gas-giant with all-encompassing gravity to which every North Texas news passes (including discarded domain names) by would-be “competitors”. That is to say it is the most popular message board related to North Texas Athletics. I have an account there. I occasionally post.

At best this site will be something akin to this: Mean And Green Forums and at worst it will be this: CSNBBS North Texas

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