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UNT Students Approve Athletics Fee Increase

The student service fee referendum passed after a hearing on the matter on Monday Feb 19th, 2018. The details are posted on the student affairs sit hosted at

The details of the complaints were revealed and the decisions from the Election Board on the matters are posted.

The first item on the Agenda was a hearing on Kiera Geil’s complaint that Wren Baker and other Athletics Employees violated bylaw Article 5, Section 5, Subsection 1, Item G concerning use of employee’s work hours. This was specifically aimed at Athletic Director Wren Baker.

Geil was concerned that Baker was sending email on his work time and that the alloted $650 budget was overspent using his salary as a base.

The board considered this and ruled it not a violation but that there should be more clarity regarding use of salary and state funds for the use of campaigning in the future.

There was another complaint from Nathan Goldsmith regarding Article 5, Section 5, Subsection 1, Item A regarding the awareness of all campaign guidelines by John Hedlund, Melissa McGuire, Dr. Elizabith With, and Dr. Neal Smastresk.

There were further complaints that the above were impartial. The board ruled that they were free to exercise their free speech and support the referendum and act as advocates of their own department. The use of social media accounts were ruled to not be ‘public property’ and so were not a violation when used for campaining.

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