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UNT Post Spring Depth Chart Analysis

UNT released its post spring depth chart on Wednesday, and UNT beat writer Bret Vito was kind enough to share it with everybody on his Mean Green blog. These types of things are fun to look at as a fan, but it doesn’t tell the whole story of what’s to come in the future for next year. One thing you don’t get too see on this depth chart is the impact that the incoming freshman will have. I’m not expecting every recruit to crack the two deep, but I do believe that a handful of them will make a big enough impact in fall camp to get on the two deep. Sometimes these depth charts are a wake-up call for players that coaches thought would be making an impact. So don’t get caught up in where a player sits right now. A lot can change between now and the opening game versus Texas.

I went ahead and also rated each positions depth and each starter. Anything in the “B” range is a player that has the capability to be on the All Conference team to start or end the year. In terms of depth the “B” range means that the back-ups have the capability to step in a fill the role without much drop off. Players with a rating of “C” mean that they are lacking in the talent, experience, or production department. They haven’t displayed the qualities associated with an All Conference type of player. They do display the ability to be productive starters. In terms of depth a rating of “C” means that there would be a production and talent drop off if the starter went down. I didn’t rate any UNT position with an A or D so you don’t have to worry about those. Starters are in Bold.


Andrew McNulty

Or Josh Greer

Connor Means

Dajon Williams

Analysis- No real surprise here, McNulty ended the spring with a solid showing in the spring game. Greer had his moments and you can really see the talent that he posses. He just needs to show better confidence in himself. He also needs to make reads a bit faster. He still has a solid shot to be the starter. Connor Means flashed his future brightness. The young QB is destined for a red shirt year which is great for him. He has talent and upside, but needs a year to sit and watch. Dajon Williams posses perhaps the most ability out of all the QBs, but struggled with the consistency. Coach Canles and McCarney both said that he is not out of the race. It’s a long climb from 4 to 1, but Williams has the ability to seize this race in the fall.

Position Starter Rating C-

Position Depth Rating C+


Antoinne Jimmerson

Erick Evans

Reggie Pegram

Or Rex Rollins

Analysis- The wheels to the Mean Green bus look to be in fine condition. Jimmerson showed the elusiveness that we all know he posses. Erick Evans showed off his vision and speed. We know the stability that Mr. Pegram can provide when healthy. This group is very deep and talented. Perhaps under the radar talent for those outside of the UNT fan base. Not sure if Jimmerson will be the main workhorse out of this group, but if he shows the consistency he can be really good this year. As it stands I think he is the type of guy who will be a double digit td guy and at least 700+ rushing. Mark Lewis was not on this list, he could be the short yardage back.

Position Starter Rating C+

Position Depth Rating B


Carlos Harris

Turner Smiley


Darius Terrell

John Chelf


Darvin Kidsy

Carl Caldwell


Marcus Smith

Tanner Smith

Cooper Jones

Analysis- I thought this group looks solid in practice and in the spring game. Harris has enough talent to fill the production that Chancellor provided. I also believe he is a better route runner than the great Brelan Chancellor. Terrell gave UNT fans a glimpse of what they were hoping to get out of the UT transfer. He will be a big weapon for the UNT QB whoever that might be. Kidsy looks like he made big strides in the spring. He is going to be a good play maker for the Mean Green. Chelf, Smiley, and Caldwell all had pretty good springs. Each one of those guys had days where they made some really nice plays. Also you can’t forget that a really good group of FR WR will be added to this group come fall time. Marcus Smith is going to make this group really tough to defend. It was a shame that we couldn’t get to see him out there in the spring game, because I think he is the type of guy who could transform this offense into one of the top in CUSA. Smith has the size, speed, and athletic ability to be a mismatch for a lot of defenses.

Positions Starter Rating B-

Positions Depth Rating C


Antonio Johnson

Or Ryan Rentfro

Harrison Sorge


Mason Y’Barbo

Micah Thompson


Kaydon Kirby

Sean Clayton


Shawn McKinney

Micah Thompson


Cyril Lemon

Michael Banogu

Connor Trussell

Analysis- Returning 4 out of 5 starters makes this group one of if not the best position group for UNT. This OL has been solid for the past two years and should be able to be solid again this year. It will be interesting to see how Cyril Lemon adjusts to the move to tackle. Lemon’s natural position is G and it’s the position he most likely play in the NFL. Moving him to tackle allows big man Shawn McKinney to slide into the G position. It also will allow Lemon to gain some bonus points in the eyes of NFL scouts. They love OL that can play multiple positions. This group should give some sort of comfort to whoever the new UNT QB will be. They were able to keep Derek Thompson off his back for most of his pass attempts the last two years.

Position Starter Rating B+

Position Depth Rating C+


Malik Dilonga

Jarrian Roberts

Chad Polk


Austin Orr

Dutton Watson


Alexander Lincoln

Sid Moore

Or Andy Flusche


Daryl Mason

Chad Polk

Analysis- Not a lot of size on this DL, but there is a lot of quickness. Dilonga makes sense for me to the get the start over Roberts at this point. Only because I believe that Dilonga is the better defender against the run. I fully expect to see Polk and Roberts get in there on passing downs, both those guys are pass rushing specialists. At DT positions UNT is skinny real skinny. Consider the following, the average weight for a starting OL that UNT faced last year was right at 300lbs. Compare that to this years DL avg starter weight of 261 lbs. I know the weight values are from last year so they could change a little bit. Still thought a 40lb weight difference is quite a bit. Teams running right at UNT are a concern to me right now. If the UNT DL can develop like last year then the entire defense will be just as good. If the DL springs a leak in the middle, well then its going a tough go for the guys in the secondary and LB corps. Guys like Orr, Akunne, Wright, Trice and Lee really flourished last year because the DL was able to keep the OL off of them. They were able to run free and make plays. This years back seven has the same type of skills to run around and make plays, but its going to be tough to do if they are having to fight off 300lb linemen.

Position Starter Rating C-

Position Depth Rating C-


Derek Akunne

Calving Minor


Fred Scott

Blake Bean


Sed Ellis

Jamal Marshall

Analysis- Last year there was only 3 guys who saw most of the meaningful snaps. Two of those guys are gone. Akunne is the only returning starter and he will be just fine. Fred Scott looks to have locked down the MLB position. He is not the leader that Zach Orr was or he isn’t yet, but the kid can play. Good speed, but lacks a little bit in the height department. The other LB position will most likely be a rotation between Sed Ellis and Jamal Marshall. Both those guys can play and play fast. I’m a little bit surprised to not see Oregon transfer Anthony Wallace make the two deep. Perhaps it’s just a memo to him to up the effort and production. Wallace has the tools to be a starter and a good player. I feel good about the LB depth and starters. I think this group is going to play extremely fast, but is going to get burned on a few plays by being out of position. They should be the most fun to watch out of the entire defense.

Position Starter Rating B-

Position Depth Rating B+


Zac Whitfield

Or James Jones


Lairamie Lee

Zed Evans


Freddie Warner

Or Sheldon Wade


Kenny Buyers

Chad Davis

Analysis- The secondary should be pretty good. The only position that remains a concern to me is replacing FS play maker Marcus Trice. Right now it looks like a battle between Warner and Wade. Warner has had his share of bad luck with all the previous injuries. It would certainly be nice to see him turn in a good year and stay healthy. I feel pretty comfortable saying that James Jones will get back is starting position when he gets healthy. Whitfield will again be the nickel back. He provides good depth and experience at that position. Chad Davis flashed with some play in the spring game and practices. He showed that he has good speed. John Schilleci got some good reps this spring with all the injuries. He made progress as a player, but still needs some work in making his reads.

Position Starter Rating B-

Position Depth Rating C+

PK Zach Paul

P Blake Macek

DS Tony Johnson

KO Eric Kenna

Position Starter Rating B-



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