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UNT and Conference Realignment from around the Internet

Vito does a good job of breaking down how and why we would go about convincing conferences that we are worth picking up.

It is not news that our conference could use some closer rivals and/or more prestige. Conference USA has a couple of Texas teams. That would be sweetness if we joined up with them.

However, we are not in a position of strength, no matter the improvement we’ve made in facilities and basketball.

Eagletalk breaks down what the official website said vs something or other (I skimmed it. I was watching the World Cup–gimme a break).

From what I can tell, some combination of Big XII South teams will break off and join the (current) Pac-11. A&M may or may not join the SEC (good move in my opinion– at the very least culturally). CUSA and the Big East, desperate to fight off the impending new round of expansion by the Big Ten(twelve) in the coming 6-12 months is going to try to raid the leftovers of the Big XII. They have stated as much.

That’s where we have a shot. With conferences looking to grow to behemoth-size, we have a shot to join one of those new large, lesser conferences like the Conference US-East, or Big Conference East USA.

Whatever. As long as we get some good teams coming through Denton, I am happy.

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