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UNT 68 FIU 61: Brandon Walton Is Heating Up

For all the love we shower on Tony Mitchell, much of it rightly deserved, he isn’t a one man show. Let’s give a nice round of applause to one Brandon Walton. Number 2 in your program and number 1 in your hearts — if you love three point barrages. I do and so he is.

Yeah. Late in the game, scrappy FIU was hanging around, making things interesting when B-Dub went off. Three straight threes and a two pointer for good measure equalled 11 points in a row. One of them, a nice heat-check three that he cashed while being bumped in the air (with no foul called) was the killer. It was the kind of three that you can’t defend. The kind that makes you stare at the shooter in disbelief, aghast at your bad luck.

You know, the kind that puts the game nearly out of reach and quiets the 300 people in the gym. It is good to be the king. Or in this case, Brandon Walton.

Credit having been assigned. How about that windmill dunk from our once-in-a-generation-recruit Tony Mitchell? Yeah. Can we get that on Sportscenter? Where do I sign up for the DVD?

He turned in a typical game — that is, awesome: 17 points, 12 rebounds and a couple highlight punches. Hopefully that #vote4Tony campaign works it’s magic. I’d really like to see a second-year CJ, JW, and TM running through the Belt next season. If it isn’t meant to be, I can live with just the one awesome, highlight-filled extravaganza.

Guess what? We still have an outside shot to win the division. Yeah, I know. Even after dropping some big games and losing some key players to injuries and academics. The final five games look like this:

Remaining Schedule

Sun Belt standings as of right now:


Yep. We have a game against each of the teams ahead of us. We just need them to lose enough games to the right teams to put us within reach. It is complicated and not necessarily worth worrying about, especially if we don’t win out. As it stands, we are in line for a 4th seed.


Tie breaking procedures.

It is all laid out plainly. We are aiming for at least a bye. However getting the three-seed would match the team against the winner of the 6 v 11 game. That could either be a tired team or one who has tons of momentum. Scary. I could live with the 4 v 5 matchup. Both teams will be at the same level of fitness (presumably).

What really matters is playing the best basketball at the right time. There is a month to go. Now is the time to start ramping up and North Texas is doing just that.


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