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Twenty Million Dollars

Alright. Let’s get to some meat here.


Twenty million for the stadium naming rights. Sweet. That’s not quite super-conference cash but it is a pretty good start to the Run To The Top. I don’t know where this puts us in the long-term plans that you’ll no-doubt find plenty who know more because they golf with people who run the fax machine, yo.

Rumors and Speculation (great blog name) can be fun but they don’t do us any good. Plans of Action, Agreements and Facts make this world go, yo.

Seriously. This is a good step towards (the ever-elusive goal of) relevance. Cool, modern stadium with a coach that’ll put a competent team in it. Will we then get to TCU-status? Tx Ranger status? What am I talking about?

Before the World Series trip it was pretty difficult to find an out-and-out Ranger fan. Similarly, no one with a casual connection was loving on TCU. Hell, isn’t TCU’s own Corby Davidson a bigger Oklahoma fan? Anyway, with the team getting Rose Bowl wins and now moving the the Big East –shown on normal channels and not Versus/The Mountain– they all of a sudden have tons of fans.

Whatevs. That is fine. I don’t support for support’s sake. I know I sound like Original Fan of The Band Before They Got Big here.

I digress.

Let’s get back to the bandwagoners. Temper your expectations oh Be-green-ed One, for the fans won’t turn out to see Another new stadium in this town. Wasn’t Plano-Frisco building something similarly priced for their high school? Yeah we are not really innovating here. We are just keeping up with the Jones’. We did use the same architecture firm after all. . .

To beat a well-beaten horse: We need Ws, yo. ‘Member when Galloway and Co. had Todge on the program after we beat Ball State at their place? Yeah more of that please. Imagine if we cranked out a bowl appearance sometime. We’d get like three mentions!

What I am trying to convey here is this: Don’t put all of your hope eggs in the (Apogee) stadium basket. It is a fantastic (re)start. I read someplace that

The $20 million deal for Apogee Stadium is the second-largest naming-rights agreement for college football stadiums to date.

Which is nice.

In other news (sans links to them):

Schnelly is retiring. And getting a new hip.

Ark St fans are prolific(ly blogging). Red Wolf Nation or whatever is really douchey.

I’m in SA, blogging and podcasting. []

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