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Troy 89 North Texas 81: WTF?

It feels like we lost by more. With Troy carrying that sad little 3-13 record coming in and big bad North Texas with the 14-3 mark I was thinking that we should go and handle our business.

Well, Troy did the business-handling.

 For whatever reason NT couldn’t stop them in the second half, allowing them to shoot .681 in the period.

It was a bad, bad loss.

Said Johnny Jones:

“You have to give them [Troy] a lot of credit, they were a team on a mission tonight,” said head coach Johnny Jones. “We didn’t make enough plays in the second half like we did in the first and that hurt us.”

Apparently it is not the end of the world:

“Some nights you have setbacks,” Shorter said. “That’s basketball. We have to go hard in practice and get better.”

Ah, practice. We’ve been hearing about practice often, haven’t we? Tristan has been running a lot for not going all out on the defensive end? Something like that? Could it be that they are getting complacent or something? Methinks there is something to all these references.

Go ahead and put me on the Concerned List. Shannon is right, that is basketball. You do drop games to poor teams. National champs have lost games to worse teams. It happens. You also can get complacent and not stay hungry. That is worse. This is not the NBA where you have an entire playoff series to turn the switch on. You are one-and-done if you come out looking sloppy.

It is really hard to blame them for really poor defense when it looked to my eyes that Troy was really just getting lucky. Lee had that hanging jumper that even he thought was a fortunate.



We have ULM on Thursday.

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