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Tre’von Bradley and Recruiting Competition

Part of the game in recruiting desirable athletes is that there will be competition for their participation.

This week, Tre’von Bradley visited Houston and there was a discussion about it.

Houston has a demonstrated history of winning in the near recent past, a good vibe, and something resembling continuity with Major Applewhite. The city of Houston is a draw that rivals Dallas. The case for Houston is something like: Continue the growth, continue to build, be a part of one of the more dynamic and effective offenses in the country at a program with a documented legacy of offensive success in one of America’s great cities.

The case for North Texas is something like this: Help to build a legacy at North Texas, be a part of #NewDenton, enjoy a large role in an offense coordinated by one of the game’s most accomplished participants in the offense he set records in.

It really comes down to whether Tre’von Bradley believes in Littrell or Applewhite, and/or wants to be closer to Dallas or Houston. Cleburne, his hometown, is closer to DFW but that could be a wash.

He has a tough decision, and I will not blame him for picking the “sure” thing over the work-in-progress. The onus (heh) is on the NT staff to convince players of his calibre to choose NT over places like Houston. This is why we hired Littrell and these are the kinds of battles we want him to win.

Right now we can take some comfort in the fact that Bradley has been committed to NT for a while, and Houston only came on late.

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