Tony Mitchell to Detroit at 37

We all knew Tony would fall from the lottery based on his sophomore season. It seems his biggest flaw – that he didn’t play as hard as he could have every game – was the sin of all sins to an NBA front office.

Well, interestingly, he fell to the round where not playing hard gets a guy cut. It really is great for all involved. Whereas his talent is not in question, the work involved in unlocking that talent requires a lot of effort from both sides. No one wanted to get burned, paying Tony guaranteed 3-year money and dealing with a guy that is always potential. He is now in a situation where he can prove that he belongs and deserves a deal. I don’t know much about the Detroit Pistons’ situation. They want to get athletic, says GM Joe Dumars. Tony Mitchell and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope are just that. Here’s hoping it will be a good situation. The good news is that he will have every chance to prove himself this year and in the next year and a half.


Go Mean Green.