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Tony Bedford With A Shaky Start

Mean Green Basketball Coach Tony Benford is not well loved around Denton. For long time North Texas basketball fans, he has done less with more. He took the most talented team in NT history, combined with the most positive momentum that we’ve seen in Denton and squandered it in his first year. Since then he’s managed a handful of mediocre seasons.

This year, KNTU has hyped this fourth Benford season as promising to be “his best yet”. Although a couple of blowouts against under matched teams got even Benford skeptic Greg excited, two losses against actual D-1 competition have killed the momentum. This team has talent — J’Mychal Reese, Ja’Michael Brown, and of course Jeremy Combs have all looked pretty good at times. Still, the team looks unprepared, unfocused, and lacking identity.

Good, talented basketball teams lose early. They even lose at home. It has happened throughout history. As new groupings of young talent are cobbled together each year, it takes time to build a cohesive team. Looking at the new faces, we expected there to be some turmoil early, but thought they’d work it out while getting some relatively easy wins. Instead the beginning of the Mean Green Challenge has been pretty disappointing. Tomorrow North Texas takes on Troy at 5pm in the final game of the series.

North Texas is 2-2 on the season with Troy and Northern Iowa coming up. They of course, just upset North Carolina.

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