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Thoughts on the Budding Rivalry With UTSA

Ever since the possibility of UTSA playing some football came up I talked up how similar the two programs are (despite what people on both sides think). When both got tossed into the same conference I was ecstatic. We haven’t had a true conference rival for as long as I can remember. North vs South, Dallas’ “elitism” vs San Antonio’s “small city charm”, etc.

Still, most Mean Green fans felt little more than annoyance for the Roadrunners until they ruined the undefeated home record. Bastards. You can hear it in Justin Brumit’s voice as he declares that he actually, really and truly hates UTSA now on MGN 24.

CUSA has seemingly recognized the rivalry as such and scheduled it during Rivalry Weekend. All is as it should be . . . except for the name.

Some stupid suggestions have been bandied about. The one I like? #TexasCivilWar.

Now we just need a trophy. I’d be perfectly happy to pitch in cash money to get one made. I’m sure the UTSA die-hards are down for it too. Going to post the ideas for a design as they come to me in this thread.


Forgot to include this from James Jones:

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  1. Manny Lopez Manny Lopez April 27, 2014

    As a UTSA alum I personally welcome the rivalry. In a few years I believe that these games will become more heated. This is going to be a good one! Go Runners!

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