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Thirty Six Points

Let me start by apologizing for my absence. Life has been bothering me and asking me to do things. I have complied, however unhappily, with the demands and have managed to carve out some time for important things like writing about North Texas basketball this morning. I hope it will suffice for now.

Tristan Thompson is a beast. The man carried a broken, tired team into the next round. Interestingly, he didn’t down FAU in a firestorm of long threes like Reggie Miller or Ray Allen in their prime. Nah, instead his Sunday night was akin to Death by a Thousand Free Throws (really only 20). Tristan demanded the ball in the second half. He delivered. ‘Nuff said.

Oh yeah, we got to 21 wins. A big to-do was made about our five-year 20-win streak. That bit where we lost eight of twelve really put us into Doubt-Mode. The consensus seems to be that injuries caused the problems and now that we are feeling a little better (if at all) and the conference tournament has brought the team a renewed focus on defense, something Johnny Jones has been pleading for all year, that we have have re-become the team we always planned on being.

Whatever the causes, we have a chance to continue to get a measure of revenge. Yeah. The Feb 26 game vs Denver scratched off that Jan 29th loss in Colorado. Sure, it was helped by the Senior Night boost. The Troy win in the first round? Yeah, scratch off the Jan 15th loss in Alabama. FAU? Yep, the Streak-Killer game.

Now we have big, bad WKU. They kicked our asses on national television in front of Bruce Bowen’s stupid ass bowtie. Perfect. If (when) we win, we get the winner of Middle Tennessee and UALR. One is a team we’ve beaten twice and the other squeaked out a win back in early January.

There is business to be handled, folks.

Also, the game will be on espn3.

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