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The Bye Week

Oh to be as awsome and all powerful as ESPN. They got themselves as new internet site, didnt they? Local coverage is what they want to get into now. Durn conglomerates. Anyway, here is the link to the UNT home page.

I think what I hate most about them is that they are so damn good that there is no doubt that they will do a much better job than the local papers and news media. Dammit! Look at that- up to date-ness.

No, seriously the biggest and only problem I have with espndallas, boston, chicago and the others to come is that they have no competition. If this was happening while newspapers were still standing on two (financial) feet than I would be rooting for the usurper taking down the juggernauts. In that case the newspapers-with their iron grip of information flow locally would actually have to compete with someone. I love me some competition.

In this case however, how well can the newspapers compete? I dunno. They might have to do something radical and gasp! compete.

With that said, the internet is largely secondary information. Without newpapers sending their beat writers out to listen to another boring press conference (isn’t press a little outdated?) bloggers wouldn’t be able to regurgitate quotes from the head coach.

Such is life.

Coming this week: A look ahead.

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