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The Best Season of Mason Fine’s Career

All of this stuff is relative.

Mason Fine’s finest season — for me — was probably his sophomore campaign. He was coming into his own, threw for big yards and had clutch moments.

This season, however, he is more efficient, has the best rating of his career, and is doing more with less. Less, of course, meaning a group of receivers that are short on experience.

As Jyaire Shorter and Austin Ogunmakin and Deonte Simpson grow, Mason Fine has also looked the the guy that we thought would set some senior season records.

These last two games against the terrible dregs of the league have seen Fine put up some ridiculous numbers. For those of you quick with an asterisk, consider that UTEP and Charlotte have faced a handful of league QBs and did not get lit up so thoroughly.

Fine last year threw for 27 scores against five interceptions for a 149.4 rating. This year in just nine games he has thrown the same number of TDs, against just six interceptions, for 152.1 rating.

Statistics do not tell much of a story, considering this game is a battle between two sides of eleven players. Situations, circumstance, and chance, man. They happen to them all.

That said, Mason Fine has done as we thought he would: rewrite the NT record book.

This season may be the best of Mason Fine’s career not because he will break his own single-season TD record, but because this has been the most challenging since he was a freshman.

Again, he has a new position coach and offensive coordinator, again he has new targets, and he has a slightly new offense.

If the team can pull off a division title and get back into the league title game all this ugly to begin the season would make the result all the more sweeter. The thing is, even if they don’t it still would not diminish his play this season.

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