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Texas Tech Talk – Preview

I mean to do lots of things and then don’t do them. I meant to update my credit card information on the TWC site so it could continue to auto-pay. I didn’t and then later meant to pay that thing manually (the horror!) and didn’t. I also meant to write about how the Basketball team is looking mighty formidable even though it was just little ol’ St. Gregory that we whooped.

I’m more impressed that we did so well against Okie St in that exhibition. I don’t mind that we lost. There was a time where playing any Big XII team was reason to expect a blowout. That is why the twin wins against Okie St back in Josh White and Tristan Thompson’s first year and the one Nov 16 2010 against Texas Tech.

Now? This team can do some damage. Entering the year I was cautiously optimistic yet wanted to temper expectations a bit. The number 31-ranked recruiting class plus a McDonalds All-American with potential NBA talent? Every option is on the table. Now after seeing that Chris Jones and Jordan Williams look like true heirs to Josh and Tristan’s throne, my mean green colored shades are back on. Firmly on. I’m grinning like Tom Cruise in a midget circus. Feeling good.

With Texas Tech in Lubbock on the schedule I want a win. Playing well and putting up a competitive score are cool for 2008 NT basketball. As I said after Bozeman cashed a three in Shannon Shorter’s eye,

Let it be known from here on that North Texas belongs in the Sunbelt Championship Game. That is our rightful place, thanks to these departing seniors and their chief, Johnny Jones. We have come to expect it.

Game Info:

Lubbock, TX 7pm.

Radio: 88.1/100.7

By the Way:

Last time we played Techa Tech, Josh White hit a runner in the lane really clutch-style that sent us into overtime. All those Raiders helped pack the Pit and made it one of the most memorable nights in Denton in a long while. In fact, they put a panoramic picture up on (I think) the east wall entrance. Look for it. If you look closely you can see me and The Woman opposite the home bench.

Speaking of Tristan Thompson, he was drafted by the Austin Toros of the NBA’s D-League. The lockout has pushed every borderline player down a level because of all the out-of-work NBA talent taking up positions that these guys would normally grab. So for guys like Josh White, who was already fighting uphill because of size issues, it sucks even more. I’m glad TT has gotten his shot. I always pegged Tristan as the guy to get more looks professionally, right or wrong. He could always create his shot and often carried the team with his aggressiveness going to the basket. I’m excited to see him get to do it so close to me.

The Toros begin play in Austin on Dec. 2nd. I’ll be there, yo.

For you Dallas-based Mean Greeners, you can always catch Tristan swing through the Metroplex against the Texas Legends. Here is the Toros schedule so you can plan accordingly.

This is a big stretch for the guys. Four straight road games coming up against some stout competition and then a trip to LA for that little tournament.


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  1. The Woman The Woman November 16, 2011

    I can’t wait to cheer on Crispen (inside joke), I mean Tristan, at the Toros game! Mean green ’til we die baby! Hard core enough?

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