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Tashard Choice is the 10th Assistant

There were no rumors of movement or hires on the Littrell staff during the year and immediately after. The 10th assistant rule came into effect this January and there was little to no speculation about the new choice. When former RB coach Tommy Perry left for new opportunities (landed at Nevada) Seth Littrell took over TE/RB coaching duties — something he had done early in his tenure at Texas Tech.

It was likely that Littrell simply was going to coach that position until he could hire to fill it. The hiring of Tashard Choice, who has been a part of the NT staff in some capacity of the last year and is a former NFL, Georgia Tech, and OU RB himself, was unsurprising then.

All indications are that the RB roster liked Choice and the staff obviously likes him also. The next question to be answered is in recruiting. Choice can now go out and sell the program to the youth of America.

This last half-class was solid, and there is still time for Choice to make a little noise in the upcoming contact period beginning on Jan 12th. Choice has not been able to do any of the in-person recruiting up to this point, obviously. It will be interesting to see what impact — if any — he can have in the three weeks of contact period available to him.

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