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Switching to Nike, Goodbye Southlake Carroll Unis

Seriously, they look the same.

It was along running joke that Papa Dodge brought with him the Southlake Carroll Jerseys.

In fact, I once imagined the conversation that started it:

RV: You know, Todd Dodge is sooo awesome.

Friend: Yeah. Too bad he coaches high school.

RV: We should hire him.

Friend: Yeah.

RV: You know? We should hire him and change our jerseys to look like Carroll’s, then we’d never lose! WOOT!

And so it came to pass.

Thankfully, Danny Mac has seen fit to change the garb of Losing Time to yet-be-determined Nike attire.

We’ll have to wait for UniWatch to give us the deets on the actual look. Apparently it won’t be available for a while.


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