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Sonny Dykes and Speculation

Sonny Dykes was fired from Cal, ending a tenure that had lots of points, but little in the way of defense or winning.

The article hints at the reasons and perhaps a plan for Cal, for me it still is a bit strange. It puts them in a weird bind and it means they absolutely have to land a Chip Kelly otherwise this is just weird.

Why are we talking about a guy who last coached conference mate Louisiana Tech? Well Sonny Dykes was the Texas Tech OC for a couple of seasons while current NT OC Graham Harrell was a player(redshirting, and also playing). Dykes also was OC at Arizona when Seth Littrell came on as RB/TE coach.

Since he is getting a $5 million+ buyout NT could possibly pay him a nominal fee to consult here in the way that analysts do at places with loads of cash like Alabama. It would be a way to do the big boy thing that is all the rage while also not requiring a huge cash outlay.

Whatever he could provide would be valuable before he inevitably gets a gig as a head man. That would be fun.

This is just me speculating.

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