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SMU Found a Coach

Apparently new SMU coach Sonny Dykes grew up an SMU fan.

“There’s a picture somewhere of the pile of SMU players in that end zone celebrating,” Dykes said. “I can promise you, there’s a 13-year-old kid in the background somewhere celebrating with them, and that was me.”

This blog had speculated aloud that Sonny Dykes, following his firing at Cal, might make his way back to Texas for some consultancy at little ol’ North Texas. The ties to Graham Harrell and Seth Littrell are there.

Instead he consulted at TCU and then took his ‘dream job’ at SMU. For North Texas, this means the competition for offensive players is raised. Chad Morris was and is a good recruiter but the power spread he ran was different enough from the NT scheme that there was not the same kind of overlap in some of the areas.

Dykes has run an up-tempo spread with tons of offensive success and put a QB in the NFL (Jared Goff) recently.

NT competes with the Ponies for recruits in the same area, and now for those interested in the same system. We also will be competing on the field until at least 2025

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