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Smart Football on Grantland: Eagles Offense

Wilfork gets "blocked"
Wilfork gets “blocked”

In their first drive — sandwiched between Vick’s completions to Avant down the middle and to Jackson on the touchdown — the Eagles combined the outside zone with a read of the Patriots’ “shade,” or one-technique, Vince Wilfork. Kelly did this because blocking that defender is very difficult, not only because it’s Wilfork, but also because the guard has to get his head all the way around a defender lined up to his inside. NFL teams traditionally blocked this defender on the outside zone by cutting him, a controversial technique made famous by the Denver Broncos of the 1990s with Terrell Davis.

Head over to Grantland and learn some football. Chip Kelly is bringing advanced run game schemes to the NFL. Chico (UNT’s Offensive Coordinator) runs some of this stuff. Know thyself (more accurately, know thy team) Mean Green Nation.

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