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Seth Littrell Press Conference 11.15.16

Seth Littrell seems to be trying to communicate the balance of trying to inspire his charges, while being realistic about the odds.

He began the conference discussing this fact.

“We go into every game expecting to win” and “when you play a team like that you have to play really well on all three sides of the ball”

Translated from coach speak that means: We want to win, but we knew WKU was really freakin’ good and any mistake would cost us dearly.

“We are sitting in a really good spot”

Southern Miss and UTEP are very winnable. The last time NT had a chance against similar opponent: UTSA took advantage of four turnovers to win.

“Opportunity against a very good team in a very similar situation, … backs against the wall”

Translation: They aren’t that good and we can beat them.

“Who was the last team to hold them under 40-something points?”

They were good. We are not that bad. This is something like a confidence builder but also a challenge to his team.

Re: Mason Fine

“Me personally? Probably doubtful. He will probably be able to come back but I don’t know exactly when. Morris did some good things when he went out there.”

“Morris has had a really good three weeks. I’m excited about his opportunity.”

“Mase and Alec have been good but we have to help them at receiver and up front. They can’t do it alone.”

Re: Jeff Wilson

“Sometime when a player goes down, it takes a group.”

Re: Eric Jenkins being back

“It helps with depth, I mean, depth is an issue.”

He went on to discuss Southern Miss and the senior class.

“They’ll always be my first class”

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