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Seth Littrell Hires Clint Bowen as new Defensive Coordinator

Last time we hired Clint Bowen to be the defensive coordinator we said “Seriously, the guy has some skins on the wall and looks to be a solid hire. Excited to see what he can do.”

That is generic praise and I was but a youngin’ then and what did I truly know? He went on to coordinate the defense that went 5-7, allowed 30.7 points per game and 6 yard per play. North Texas finished last in yards and yards per play in the Sun Belt that year.

This year the Reffet defense allowed 32.5 points per game and 5.73 yards per play. His best coordinated defense was last year’s 24.2 per game squad, which averaged 5.32 per play.

Bowen was a 4-3 guy the last time he was here, but that is mighty out of vogue now. He is known for his prowess with the secondary, something Reffett was known for also. The 4-3 is going to probably be a multiple 4-2-5/ 3-3-5 look, something that NT had done also.

Remember our 3-stack defense was mostly name, as we played with two linebackers and the third “linebacker” was the Jack, which is a glorified rush end that would sometimes be swapped for a true linebacker.

I was never a Reffett hater, but I also did not absolutely love how often the defense looked like it had no ideas beside “bring all the guys, let the corners win their 1v1 battle”.

I really do not remember Bowen doing much in 2011, but I certainly know he will benefit from all the young guys growing into quality, experienced players last year.

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