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The Season Is Long But We Should Enjoy It A Bit

The funny thing about football season is that it is so long and also very short. For the players, it begins in summer time and is a slog of workouts, school, and games.

For a lot of people who have checked out of this thing, football is done. There are three more games scheduled which means a whole month.

After that, there is the possibility— however slight — of a league title game and then a bowl game. That is five more football games to be played and at least (in that scenario) five more weeks of preparation.

The repetition can be comforting —- on Thursday and Friday I am ready to watch a new weekend of football. It can also be a grind in the hands of the hacks that fill up the internet.

Recaps, Hot Takes, Silly Stories, essentially Quote Tweeting press conference answers, preview, game blog/tweet, recap etc.

The game is simple, and it is hard to find something new to say about it all. It is easy to get cynical and hardened to the game and lose the ability to appreciate the entire thing.

(That said, it is quite annoying to read complete neophytes ignore all that came before and think this right here in front of us, is the greatest thing hat has or will be).

Thinking about the game from a process-and-results view, you find yourself sounding like a coach. “Go 1-0 every week, we just worry about winning and everything will take care of itself”

The truth about that is that attitude and perspective is important for the players preparing and making their way through that grind of a season. They seriously cannot look around or else they will be unable to keep up. It is like running a marathon — you have to keep the pace and not distract yourself with things outside of the race.

For the rest of us, well, it is not important to do that. This is inconsequential in the grand scheme and while jobs and livelihoods are at stake, it is all for the sake of entertainment. We can have a little fun.

So then it was awesome to see Mason Fine put on the T-Rex outfit and give the presser in costume. He has been a master of coach-speak and his presser was filled with generic answers straight out of Seth Littrell’s handbook.

It was also fun.

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