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Rice — Those (really smart) bastards.

I went to middle school with Jarret Dillard. He beat me out for starting WR on the football team. It didn’t matter really because I didn’t end up playing past the first game that year (I moved to TE) because my parents insisted Wednesday night church was more important.

So yeah.

Those bastards beat UNT 77-20 last time they played us. I was in Austin to watch UT play Arkansas. I checked my phone and did a double-take at the score at halftime. Fifty-six points. Jarret Dillard had 4 touchdowns.


Do we have a chance to return the favor?

I dunno.

Most pundits (do we have pundits?) are in awe of the performance we put up against Clemson. I can’t say I hated it. We didn’t get murdered. It is weird how our expectations are adjusted after being humiliated so often the last few years. It is kind of hard to get indignant at slights and scream about what we ‘deserve’ when we are busy embarrassing ourselves.

Still, the skeptical cynic in me wants to point out that Clemson is kind of lame. They are no powerhouse and no one really expects them to do much impressing this year anyway. They are kind of like Michigan State in that way. A big name but no skins on the wall. ( I know they claim a nat’t title but I remain unimpressed).

Our offense was good at not scoring. This is awesome? Our defense was good at giving up big plays. More unimpressiveness.

I don’t want to hate on this team like that though. I ain’t a Boston sports columnist.

It is progress. Combined with the subtle progression shown in us being competitive last year? Well, then. We have something to be pleased about. The good news is that we are at home, Jarret Dillard is in the NFL, and we are favored.


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