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Quarterback Talk

It has been an interesting week. After the complete destruction of a clearly disinterested SMU, North Texas was manhandled by LaTech on Thursday night. Josh Greer showed improvement against the Mustangs but reverted to his week one form against Louisiana Tech.

Meanwhile, Dajon Williams — MGN favorite — has benefited from his good performance in the handful of series he’s been a part of. The clamor for his ascension to the starter’s role is loud on twitter and the message boards.

Even Bret Vito, frequent defender of the incumbent QB, and Derek Thompson apologist, thinks that maybe – just maybe – it is time to take a quick peek at Dajon Williams.

What doesn’t add to the conversation is the following:

There was a school of thought out there at the beginning of the season that UNT wouldn’t miss Thompson. It was ridiculous back then and looks even more outlandish now.

I mean, that is just first-class trolling there. While the debate about Derek Thompson mainly hinges on how to measure being one of the best statistical quarterbacks in the history of the program against other schools. Derek Thompson’s greatest season was good for 58th in the nation1

Why do some folks feel the need to vociferously defend Derek, a man who graduated and cannot play anymore for North Texas? He will forever be in the pantheon of NT QBs because he led a team to a bowl win — and won MVP! His due praise has been given.

There is no need to compare Derek Thompson to Josh Greer, or Dajon Williams, or Andrew McNulty. We cannot bring Derek back and hand him the keys to this thing.

Mentioning the need for change seems like overkill, simply because it is so obvious. The team ranks 124th in passing nationally.


  1. Depending, of course, on how you sort those stats. The greater point is that they weren’t special in the context of modern college football. 

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