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QB Responsibility In The Littrell Offense

The best thing about the new offense is the underlying philosophy of spreading the wealth. While most people tend to think of that as designed plays for “other” guys, what it really means is that everyone is expected to be open and to contribute by executing the offense. There is an underlying element of trust imparted on each player. That trust comes from the coaches, who put a lot of responsibility on the quarterback.

See this article discussing Mike Leach’s trust in his QBs to make big decisions.

There are some quotes from Graham Harrell in there. Including this:

“Somehow he puts a ton of responsibility on the quarterback without the quarterback feeling any pressure,” Harrell said.

Now lets read what Harrell, the new OC here at North Texas, has to say about our presumptive starter Alec Morris in this piece:

“In this offense, the quarterback has a lot of responsibility and he’s the one that makes the offense go, but it’s a great offense to play in. It’s fun, and you’ve got a chance to put up big numbers. We’re excited about Alec. We’re going to play an exciting brand of football and hopefully put up some great numbers and win a lot of games.”

Responsibility. That’s big. It is important to know this as the North Texas offense steers away from the command-and-control Danny Mac days to more of a regulated-but-free offense of Seth Littrell. Since we aren’t in the meeting rooms, we don’t know exactly how much control this Littrell/Harrell version will give to the Quarterbacks but it is likely to be the most we’ll see for a few years, barring a big time Juco QB transfer or another prodigy like Harrell was.

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