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Prediction: Western Kentucky vs North Texas

Game Information

Time: October 15, 2015 6:30 pm CT

Location: Apogee Stadium – Denton, TX

Line: WKU -32.5

TV: CBS Sports Network

Radio: KHYI 95.3 FM KNTU 88.1 FM KGAF 1580 AM

Weather: Clear, 90 to 75 degrees. South wind 5 to 10 mph.


Team Information


North Texas



Adam – Western Kentucky 55 – 21 North Texas

I talked to a couple of folks that cover / follow WKU closely and asked them what the chances were that the Hilltoppers overlook is in this one. They told me very slim. Whereas previous incarnations of that squad might have, this one is more special.

That said, my heart is hoping WKU is looking toward LSU after they destroyed their rivals MTSU. Jeff Brohm is rumored for some coaching gigs which could help by distracting everyone.

But WKU is a legit monster offensively. We’ll give them a game — Canales’s teams do, and that pride will do the rest — but I just can’t predict an upset. I hope I’m dead wrong.


Look this game isnt about match-ups or stats its about pride at a time of crisis. These types of games never go the way that the experts think. They never do. Western Kentucky wont respect North Texas. WKU has said that North Texas doesnt look good on film. That says it all right there, the WKU players are looking past North Texas straight to LSU. The most important thing for North Texas tonight is to come out and jump right on Western Kentucky. North Texas needs to have something big happen early in the game. Onside kick or touchdown to take the lead an then onside kick. Something needs to happen to fuel the belief. Once that happens its all about battling till the fourth quarter and having a chance. If North Texas can get to the 4th quarter with the lead or within a TD then anything can happen. I havent picked North Texas to win any game at all this year. That changes today and I’m picking NT to win. I just have this feeling that the North Texas team will play beyond belief in front of 1,000 fans. North Texas wont go 0-12. Nope they come out and beat WKU in dramatic fashion.


North Texas 38 – Western Kentucky 35

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