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Pre-Season Favorites: 2014

The 2014 Pre-Season awards and predictions were announced today. Perhaps most surprisingly the CUSA coaches picked North Texas as favorites to top the Division over Rice and UTSA. This is in contrast to most pre-season previews that have the program finishing third behind behind the Owls and Roadrunners. I don’t put much stock in the average preview, as the majority are rehashes and under-researched. A few 1 are very well done and so must be considered carefully.

Coaches polls, perhaps surprisingly, do not usually fall in the ‘good’ category. Take for example the fact last year CUSA bosses overwhelmingly picked Tulsa to top the West. We know how that turned out.

Granted, no one saw Tulsa being so terrible, and they had some big injuries. Still, North Texas being good and UTSA being salty weren’t that surprising. Not nearly as hard to see coming as Tulane being fortunate.

Adjust your anger appropriately is all I am saying.

Really, the worst part about this is that now you’ll see “write-ups” 2 discussing “Pre-Season Favorite North Texas” and I already hate it.

  1. Myerberg, SBNation 
  2. I already have seen these terrible posts. Also I hate “write-up” as a term, and especially used within a post. “This write-up is my first. . . ” Guh. The worst

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