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Periscoping — Practice Thoughts

The best thing to happen this fall, thus far? Mean Green Football Periscope.

Greg and I complained that North Texas is too often chasing the game when it comes to innovation. Well, UNT is one of the first schools using Periscope to broadcast sports stuff.

Who needs Longhorn Network?

The practice footage comes with no filter — that is to say you can hear Danny Mac out here dropping F-Bombs. Which is great. To my eyes, the most exciting thing I’ve watched is Dakota Smith streaking around the end for (fake) sacks in the O-Line vs D-Line drills.

That dude is fast.

Watch here – >

Aug 12 – Trenches
Aug 12 – QBs — Nothing amazing here. Just Caleb Chumley, DaMarcus Smith, Andrew McNulty, and Josh Greer throwing routes.

Hurry, as they will expire in less than 24 hours.

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