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Of Interviews, Websites and Arrests

CUSA Media days were okay. During the Ron Thulin interview, Jeff Wilson had some nice quotes that are pretty much standard for a competitive person. When asked if he could take on his coach on the field he said, “Well I’m a man so yeah I think I can”. Thulin followed up by leading asking Littrell “well you have got to like that.” Of course Seth Littrell liked it.

MG Sports posted the entire thing here.

Meanwhile, Turner Smiley was arrested for DWI. I’m confident he is getting a series of talks from people he respects and who care for him about this. We won’t add to that conversation.

In other news, I spent way too much time trying to prove a point, which is fairly common for me, a person on the internet. What was I trying to prove? Well, that is not in fact super cool. I dabble in web design and to prove my point bout readability of text — with the mandate of preserving the overall concept — I redid the site with better text readability 1. If I were contracted to design that thing I would have made different choice. As Aldo pointed out on the MGN Slack, is all Flash. Meh. I think the lesson here is that no coaching website is a good web design example.

Oh and the new AD is probably going to be the awesomely-named Wren Baker. I think @RicksVest should get in touch with @FakeWrenBaker to pass the torch. He seems like a well-qualified guy. I expected no less, but was prepared for the worst. His hires — detailed elsewhere for now — are pretty decent. He has spent time at smaller schools and an SEC one. That’s a good range of experience. At best we can say “he knows where we’ve been and where we want to go”.

I saw a rumor that RV once nixed a series with Mizzou at Apogee. I don’t know if that’s true but I believe it could be true. That’s the kind of stink we need to wash out of the program(s).

  1. Up to a point. I stopped when it came to the TV/Bowl section and when I got bored. 
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