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Oct 25 16 HC Press Conference

Favorite quotes:

“Took another step. Didn’t play great in all three phases.”

“Looking forward to this week two programs … with new head coaches, trying to instill core values and culture. Very similar.”

“Was a little worried they would not start as fast because of jet lag. They were juiced up down in the lobby. I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to sustain it.”

“[UTSA] is going to be a physical team.”

“They got a lot of faith in their running backs.”

“Just got to be disciplined. No different than Army.”

“[First half struggles] not all on the players. Some of that is on me. Gotta do a better job of trusting what we can do on offense with the football.”

“We felt like we could make some plays in the passing game. Guys were doing a good job of getting open.”

Vito asked a good question about being a head coach and learning as a coordinator. Good.

“Had an idea of the defense that I wanted it to look like.”

Re: Recruiting “I’ve never had a negative vibe. Obviously the more success you have the better recruiting.”

Discussed Elex Woodworth at Tackle.

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