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NT vs Houston: Half-time Notes

North Texas moved the ball in the first series against Houston, but stalls out midfield. That was North Texas most successful series until a field goal in the second quarter. Houston then took over the quarter, putting pressure on the North Texas offensive line. UNT’s plays developed too slowly for Mason Fine to get a comfortable pass in. I think Houston quickly forced UNT away from their game plan on both offense and defense, and they adjusted on the fly.

Defense looked a little more comfortable after the first two touchdowns, giving the offense enough opportunities to get back into the game. The offense continued to sputter the rest of the half. For every Tre Siggers run or Mike Lawrence heroic first down catch, there were many miscues. Receivers have been visibly frustrated, and Fine has been shouting orders as well. After all those miscues, North Texas needed to score to end the half. Three points still makes it a two-score game, with Houston getting the ball first to start the second half.

Going into this game, Houston needed to slow down North Texas’ run game. They have put a lot of pressure on UNT’s interior, forcing Siggers to either break multiple tackles to get a gain on a run play, or take a loss. Houston has also stuffed UNT’s screen game, two big facets of Reeder’s offense. Fine has been made uncomfortable in the pass game and has taken multiple hits.

The defense ended the half on a positive note, but the offense needs to get back into rhythm.

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