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NT 7 KSU 14 Halftime

Kansas State came into this game as a 28.5-point favorite. Here at MGN HQ there wasn’t the same feeling of resignation going into Manhattan as there was going into Baton Rouge. This isn’t just because BR is a crazy, scary place as it is that K-State isn’t a scary team.

The team so far hasn’t looked scared or intimidated either. The defense came out and bottled up the Wildcat offense and forced a three-and-out. Then they offense ran the ball up the middle deliberately en route to an easy Brelan (BRELAN!) TD on a jet-sweep. It was the kind of thing that you hope happens but seemingly never does.

The bad news: K-State’s Lockett returned the ensuing kick 96-yards to tie. After a punt by the good guys, K-State started moving the ball easily. Marcus Trice, after getting penalized for a horse-collar, stripped the ball away. The next play, Antoinne Jimmerson took it 45-yards. Unfortunately, the run-game sputtered and Danny Mac got real conservative and elected to kick from the 28. It was blocked (easily). KSU then scored quickly on a Colin Klein 38-yd pass to Tramaine Thompson.

The momentum was shifting back to K-State after a three-and-out, but Will Wright stole it back with a sweet interception. Even though the offense kind of sputtered with just :47

Things to remember:

  • KSU got away with a couple blatant facemasks including one on Thompson that would have extended a drive deep into Wildcat territory.
  • Running game is very solid. All three backs are running well. Line is clearing big holes.
  • Derek Thompson is passing well, and Ivan Delgado is catching everything.

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