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North Texas vs UTSA: Live Blog

We want to try a little something different this time. Usually, we take in the game and do our commenting on the twitter machine. We will still be doing that, but will add to the conversation here. Twitter can be great but also very annoying.

It is halftime. NT up 24-3 on UTSA and Mason Fine is being efficient. DeAndre Torrey and Tre Siggers are the story however. Siggers has 70 yards on 9 carries and 2 scores. Torrey has 49 yards on the ground and 51 yards receiving.

The defense knocked out Frank Harris and Evan Narcisse has just managed the one field goal drive through a scramble fest. Ladarius Hamilton and the North Texas defense scored 14 points off turnovers.

North Texas has overwhelmed the UTSA defense. The rushing attack led by Tre Siggers and DeAndre Torrey has masked any struggles in the pass game. This was expected, as UTSA allowed of 300 yards rushing each to Army and Baylor this season.

Inconsistencies and miscues on North Texas’ offense erased any early game momentum after Siggers’ first score. UTSA backup quarterback Lowell Narcisse and RB Sincere McCormick led many drives deep into North Texas territory, but missed field goals, turnovers, and 3 of 11 on third down conversions stalled UTSA’s offense. This gave North Texas multiple scoring opportunities, putting up several scores on quick drives.

It remains to be seen if Mason Fine will get more opportunities, or if the game will be left to the stable of backs. Will the defense hold long enough to give Jason Bean live game opportunities as well?


  1. Adam Martinez Adam Martinez September 21, 2019

    NT’s defensive strength is our speed. Sincere McCormick trying to get around the defense is playing into our hands.

  2. Adam Martinez Adam Martinez September 21, 2019

    Nick Harvey benefiting from UTSA’s lack of QB skills at the backup spot

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