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North Texas Leaning Toward New Orleans?

Bowl projections are most fun when they are the most exciting thing awaiting a football program. This weekend’s championship game rematch with FAU supersedes any bowl talk at the moment.

Still, every publication has a Bowl Projection list. We will spare you the rehashing of those, but many indicators suggest North Texas will be bowling on Dec 16th in New Orleans against Troy (probably).

What are those indicators? Well, whispers in the athletic department, former voice of the Mean Green George Dunham apparently repeating those whispers, the NO Bowl tweeting about this week’s title game.

One issue with the bowl is the timing: It is the first day of bowling and one of five others on the slate tht Saturday.

The quick turnaround also means Jeff Wilson will not have time to heal. Littrell had indicated the timing of the bowl would be a factor.

Brett McMurphy of the Score indicated North Texas will be in the New Orleans Bowl win or lose. It seems he has similar information. Edit: As was pointed out to me via twitter, this is worded strangely and I probably misinterpreted it. Still, this is the least compelling indicator.

Judging by the initial GMG reaction, this news was met with a mixed reaction.

The prestige of the bowl, the timing, and the opponent are not amazing but the only realistic option North Texas has of improving that situation would be to win the league and choose the Independence Bowl.

There, a match with a P5 school may be an option. Given the propensity if ESPN to choose the most viewer-friendly matchup — meaning P5 vs P5 — even if the Mean Green were to choose Shreveport it could find itself paired with an underwhelming opponent.

All will be determined this Sunday following Championship Saturday.

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