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North Texas Has Bad Relationship With DFW Coaches?

Asking a dozen local High School coaches isn’t going to tell you actionable facts but it can reveal some things. The following really stuck out:

What coaches/programs have been the most difficult to deal with?

  1. North Texas

  2. SMU, Kansas

  3. Kentucky, Baylor, TCU, Texas A&M, Houston (Kevin Sumlin)

Why were they so difficult? Any horror stories?

• “Not so much difficult to deal with as it is difficult to
communicate with them and hear back from them. I feel that they are in
the middle of the most talented football area in the country and
should have great relationships with every single high school in DFW,
but it does not seem like they do. I do not know where they focus
their energy recruiting, but I think more of it should be focused
right in their own back yard.” (SMU, North Texas)

• “Could do a better job considering that they are so close. But, If
we have a player that can play on their level, they usually know about
them.” (SMU, North Texas)

and Later

Which program do you believe needs to step up its recruiting game the most?

  1. SMU

  2. Texas

  3. UNT, Texas Tech

Read more here: Star-Telegram

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