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North Texas 53 Sam Houston 50

Katfans dot com or dot org or whatever are a hearty little band of shit-talkers. A part of me, I do not know which, respects them. Another part, the evil, spiteful, arrogant bastard that reduces the amount of a tip when I get poor or spiteful service, wants bad things to happen to their sports teams. Nothing terrible like an injury or death but more like a series of forty-point losses.

They, the Bearkats, began Saturday by demolishing Montana State and their U of Washington style uniforms. After and during there was chatter from on the twitter feed. The work of a lone rogue you say? Perhaps. However, like the popcorn-brained 20-something I am, I immediately attributed it to the whole of their fan base.

It was fortunate that we had them on the schedule that night, finally back in the sweet confines of the Super Pit with tailgating gomeangreendotcommers outside. Unfortunately for my pettiness, we only managed a hard-fought three-point victory that looked even uglier than the feed from on Mean Green Premium.

I watched the ugliness with the sound off in my extra room (den? library? room on the other side of the apartment?) while I half-watched Hall Pass with The Woman. That isn’t going in my autobiography but it will go in this post.

Again, there wasn’t much to be excited about if you like pretty basketball. If you like ugly basketball then there were plenty of stretches where the teams looked to be doing anything but putting the ball into the hoop.
Tony Mitchell Day is approaching. Though I don’t like to pin all the offensive hopes on one guy, this is a sport where that is not only possible but an intelligent thing to do. Bret Vito has often pointed out that we lack a post-game to remove the pressure on Jordan Williams and Chris Jones. I have agreed equally as often. Kedrick is sketchy on offense and more of a cleanup guy. Roger Franklin is a hustler but likes to face up. Niko Stojiljkovic is another outside kind of big man.

Tony Mitchell can score from anywhere Even on passes to himself. Can’t wait.

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